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Best New Live A/V Musical Showcase: WCPO Lounge Acts

Best New Live A/V Musical Showcase

In September of last year, WCPO (channel 9 on the TV; on the interwebs) launched WCPO Lounge Acts, a new series in which local and touring bands are invited into the studio to record performances and an interview. Solid production values and a knowledgeable host — veteran music journalist Gil Kaufman — have made the series (named after the Lounge Acts heard on former Oxford radio favorite WOXY) a must-hear, as has the solid list of guests who’ve appeared. Cincinnati buzz acts like Dawg Yawp, Leggy and Frontier Folk Nebraska have performed on the web show/podcast, as have on-the-rise national artists like Beach Slang, Malcolm London and Banners. WCPO Lounge Acts,