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Best Protein-Packed Power Shot: Northside Yacht Club

Best Protein-Packed Power Shot

The Northside Yacht Club, Northside’s land-locked nautically themed bar and gastropub — a light homage to the neighborhood’s flood of 1937 — specializes in smoked wings (chicken and/or cauliflower), live music and fresh cocktails of the tiki persuasion. Owners Jon Weiner and Stuart MacKenzie have worked with Cincinnati’s queen of cocktails, Molly Wellmann, and it shows. The well-stocked bar — replete with gigantic Hula-girl punch bowls awaiting the bartender’s mixology magic — features fresh juice mixtures, stacks of fragrant pineapple and bowls of herbal garnishes. But one of the best bar specials is the Peanut Butter Tequila house shot, Weiner’s own personal recipe inspired by, what else, a trip to the Bob Marley Bar in Mexico. Tastes like peanut butter (and it actually kind of looks like peanut butter in a shot glass), but it packs the punch of tequila. Northside Yacht Club, 4227 Spring Grove Ave., Northside, 513-541-0528,