Best Of 2017

Best reason For A Brewery Crawl In The East End: Bad Tom Smith Brewing/Blank Slate Brewing Company/Streetside Brewery

Best reason For A Brewery Crawl In The East End

Over the past couple of years, Bad Tom Smith Brewing and Blank Slate Brewing Company have established themselves within about a five-minute drive from each other. Last fall, Streetside Brewery completed the easternly craft beer triumvirate, opening a mere three-minute walk from Blank Slate and featuring playfully named brews like Raspberry Beret and a Stranger Things-named beer called “011 (EL)” (if you haven’t seen the series… oh my god, why haven’t you seen the series?!). The more breweries the merrier. Hit up all three — no two beers taste alike. Bad Tom Smith Brewing Company, 4720 Eastern Ave., East End,; Blank Slate Brewing Company, 4233 Airport Road, East End,; Streetside Brewery, 4003 Eastern Ave., East End,