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Best Return Of A Classic Local Beer: Little Kings

Best Return Of A Classic Local Beer

Founded in 1958, the story of Little Kings represents only a sliver of Cincinnati’s more than 200-year beer history, but its legacy is a long and complex one. Little Kings and its distinctive 7-ounce green bottle were invented in the ’50s when patrons of Montgomery Inn didn’t want to purchase full-sized beers to pair with shots of whiskey. But by the ’90s cream ale had fallen out of favor, causing the brand to bounce around between owners and production sites for the better part of two decades. Greg Hardman, who owns Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. and other Hudepohl-Schoenling beer brands, ended up with the recipe and last year installed a special bottle-filling machine in the Moerlein brewery to accommodate the 7-ounce bottles, producing the first run of Little Kings locally in more than 15 years. Little Kings,