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Best Tarantino Tribute You Can Drink To: The Video Archive

Best Tarantino Tribute You Can Drink To

Named in honor of the video rental store where director Quentin Tarantino once worked, The Video Archive is a video store that doubles as a speakeasy, like a Blockbuster with a back-alley bar. Brought to you by Gorilla Cinema Presents, the same team behind Overlook Lodge, the Shining-themed bar in Pleasant Ridge, the front 100 square feet of Video Archive is dedicated to rentable grindhouse, indie and cult-classic films, from Disney’s Fantasia toHeathers, all stacked in bookcases. The first hint that things are not as they seem is the man who checks your ID at the door — and then recommends checking out a particular title on the wall. We won’t tell you which videotape opens the secret door into the 1,500-square-foot Tarantino-themed bar; you need to go to Video Archive and figure it out yourself. But once inside, the dark rooms, movies projected behind the bartenders, shattered mirrors and framed photos of Mia Wallace impersonators create something that is delightfully magical. The drinks have names like Mr. Pink, the Texas to Tokyo and Five Dollar Shake, which is ≠≠surprisingly actually just $5, full of alcohol and topped with whipped cream. The Video Archive, 965 E. McMillan St., Walnut Hills,