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Best Imitation Of Borgin And Burkes: Hail, Dark Aesthetics

Best Imitation Of Borgin And Burkes

While the Harry Potter reference to Borgin and Burkes may seem a bit outdated (#harrypotterforver, nerds), Hail, Dark Aesthetics is definitely the place you’d go locally if you were in the market for a vanishing cabinet. Or a dark wizard. With a home base in East Nashville, the second location of oddities and record shop Hail is in MainStrasse, where the storefront is stuffed with taxidermy from local artists Meddling with Nature, tarot cards, religious ephemera, Black Metal-style jewelry, branded Ouija boards and a bunch of dead snakes. For good or bad, there aren’t too many other stores where you can buy a pig fetus and the Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl in the same transaction. Hail, Dark Aesthetics, 720 Main St., Covington, Ky., 859-261-0107,