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Best Way To Emote Yourself: Leeli + Lou

Best Way To Emote Yourself

Neighborhood women’s clothing store Leeli + Lou is known for its fashionable and wallet-friendly styles from wash-and-wear basics to cocktail dresses and beach-ready rompers. After fashioning yourself, check out their new line of Hipstapatch stickers, adhesive patches that stick to pretty much anything and everything. Basically, they’re wearable emojis. Want to express your love of wine by slapping a bottle on your phone? Done. How ’bout a heart-surrounded “UGH” to share your discontentment with the world? We could all use one of those right about now.Leeli + Lou, 2732 Erie Ave., Hyde Park, 513-873-2892; 7803 Laurel Ave., Madeira, 513-906-7035,