Best Of 2017

Best Wearable Exercise Enhancer

Whether you’re practicing yoga, barre or Pilates, AVA Yoga Bodywear has a revolutionizing wearable solution to enhance your exercise. Designed by University of Cincinnati industrial design student Laura Koven and friend/Yale graduate student Melinda Agron, this colorful accessory is a lightweight wearable you attach to your hands and feet to help streamline your yoga practice and eliminate the need for the jumbly collection of mats, straps and blocks you typically have to carry to the studio. Put the pink, purple, teal or orange gloves and foot grips on to help with alignment and assistance — there are arrows on the gloves so you can properly align your stance and yoga straps on both the hands and feet that can be wrapped for wrist and ankle support or used to deepen your stretch. Graduates of local business accelerator First Batch, Koven and her team are currently looking to expand the impact and scale of the company. AVA Yoga Bodywear,

Shops & Services
Photo: Phil Valois

2. Alliance Integrative Medicine

3. Arwa Atwan, Future Life Now

2. Wooden Nickel Antiques

3. Florence Antique Mall

2. Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center

3. Brazee Street Studios

2. Michaels

3. Indigo Hippo

2. Kings Toyota

3. Joseph Toyota

2. CarMax

3. Beechmont Subaru

2. AAA | Bob Sumerel Tire & Service

3. Donovan’s Auto & Tire Center

2. Johnny’s Car Wash

3. AAA Auto Wash

2. PNC Bank

3. U.S. Bank