Best Of 2018

Best Exhibit for Art Freaks and Science Geeks: Ana England: Kinship

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Cincinnati Art Museum

The wondrous Ana England: Kinship exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum bolstered the argument that STEM education (focused on science, technology, engineering and math) can be broadened to include the arts and be referred to as STEAM. England, who led the ceramics program at Northern Kentucky University for three decades, has long been inspired by conversations with her physicist father. For Kinship, she repeatedly drew upon patterns present throughout the universe, asking us to notice that the whorl of a fingerprint resembles the cross-section of a tree, which looks like the spiral of a galaxy, which looks like the whirl of a hurricane. The show not only connected the land, sea and sky, it also brought fans of art and science together. Cincinnati Art Museum, 935 Eden Park Drive, Mount Adams,