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Best Local Shot at Another 'Hamilton' Phenonmenon: Grant

Historian Ron Chernow, author of an Alexander Hamilton biography that inspired actor/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda to write a little Broadway musical you might have heard of, chose a Clermont County boy for his latest book. Grant argues that good ol’ Ulysses S. of Point Pleasant, Ohio, wasn’t the so-called “butcher general” (because critics thought his military tactics brought high casualties), hapless and corrupt president and roaring drunk that history has made him out to be. Even so, Chernow told reporters last fall that Miranda is passing on a “Grant-a-go-go” project for now. But did Grant back down during the Civil War? Did he not serve two terms in the White House? Is that not his face on the $50 bill? We’re still going to dream about a Tony Award for a local hero’s tale.