Best Of 2018

Best Moving Mural: “Swing Around Rosie”

ArtWorks’ mural “Swing Around Rosie” is a hypercolor tribute to the iconic singer and actress Rosemary Clooney, who — dressed in her black scalloped sweetheart gown and white gloves from White Christmas (designed by the legendary costumer Edith Head) — rests mid-croon on a background of multicolored chevron. During BLINK, Clooney got an animated makeover as a looping projection of classic scenes from her films like “Red Garters” were screened on top of her painted image. The effect was mesmerizing as scenes changed, choreographed to a remix of Clooney belting out “Sway,” but her mouth stayed in almost the exact same spot, giving the illusion that the mural itself was alive and singing. “Swing Around Rosie,” 1606 Pleasant St., Over-the-Rhine,