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Best Museum Recreated in Living Color: Sanctuary: Kathy Y. Wilson Living in a Colored Museum

Kathy Y. Wilson
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Hailey Bollinger
Kathy Y. Wilson

Kathy Y. Wilson, known to CityBeat readers as “Your Negro Tour Guide,” ended her column in early 2016 because of illness. But she returned to the public eye late last year at the Weston Art Gallery to lead visitors through Sanctuary: Kathy Y. Wilson Living in a Colored Museum. Complete with sofas, mantels and curtained windows, the exhibit recreated the feeling of Wilson’s apartment in East Walnut Hills, where she has amassed a collection of Afrocentric works by local artists along with unapologetic displays of mammies, watermelon eaters and other racist figurines she has liberated. Positive and negative, all of it has informed her writing. “This is what I will say to white America: If you want us to shut up about this shit, stop showing it to us,” Wilson says. “I am not afraid of anything America thought I looked like.” Weston Art Gallery, 650 Walnut St., Downtown,