Best Of 2018

Best Newsletter for Bibliophiles Who Want to Make a Change in the World: Make America Read

If ever a newsletter could galvanize society for the better, it would be Hillary Copsey’s Make America Read newsletter. In each bi-monthly installment, Copsey — a Norwood resident and freelance writer — provides choice picks and thoughtful ruminations on not only books but also the act of reading, itself. By reading books, Copsey believes that Americans can grow more compassionate and think more critically. She provides links to essays about books, author interviews, tips on helping kids pick the right books, books she’s reading, books her kids are currently reading and much more. (Her “Like This, Read That” section is beyond helpful for selective readers.) Copsey’s love of the written word is so infectious and her newsletter so positive and downright undeniable in the truth it speaks, you can’t help but feel re-energized to pick up a book and, possibly, change the world. Make America Read,