Best Of 2018

Best Over-the-Top Underpass: ARTeries

Emily Wolff’s ARTeries project has turned an underpass between two of Covington’s popular entertainment districts into a destination itself. The restaurateur found it unacceptable that after dining at her establishments Otto’s and Frida 602 in MainStrasse, customers were taking an Uber rather than walking the few blocks to the goings-on at Braxton Brewing Company or the Madison Theater. They said they were too creeped out to venture through the dim, deteriorating CSX railroad underpass at Sixth Street on foot. Backed by a grant from People’s Liberty and her design degree, Wolff painted a bold graphic of black and white stripes, pink triangles and gold stars on the crumbling concrete, and she replaced dim tube lighting with modern-looking chandeliers. “Challenging people on what we perceive as normal, that’s exciting to me,” Wolff says. Next, she’d like to see artists adopt underpasses all over the city so its east and west sides are no longer divided by a railway. Sixth Street, Covington,