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Best Preserved Police Dog: Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

Best Preserved Police Dog

One frigid evening in 1898, Cincinnati patrolman Jim O’Neill was on his downtown beat when he discovered an abandoned puppy along the riverfront. O’Neill scooped up the whimpering pup and brought him back to the station, where he quickly became a furry fixture. Handsome, as the pugnacious little dog became known, soon joined daily patrols, chasing down thieves and murderers and joining the ranks as Cincinnati’s first-ever police dog; it’s reported that he assisted in hundreds of arrests over the course of his career. And when the ever-loyal Handsome died in 1912, the station had him stuffed and placed on display in a glass case to honor his contributions. Now on public view at the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum, the beloved white mutt had a bit of a journey before reaching his new home, spending time on display in a park, in a police hall and eventually in a closet. Today you can visit Handsome at the museum along with thousands of local law enforcement artifacts and a memorial wall to fallen local, state and federal officers. Greater Cincinnati Police Museum, 308 Reading Road, Pendleton,