Best Of 2018

Best Reinterpretation of the Phrase 'Car Wash': Car Wash: Wave Pool Pool Party and Car Bed Show

Wave Pool celebrated summer in a big way with its annual fundraiser and block party. The theme? Car Wash. Guests were invited to come to Car Wash: Wave Pool Pool Party and Car Bed Show in their swimsuits to view an interactive art show, organized by locally based conceptual and tongue-in-cheek fashion brand Working Girls Co. A reinvention of a traditional car show, artists and collectives — like Peggy Noland of Los Angeles and locals including Able Projects, Pull Club, Ladyfest Cincinnati and Cryptogram — were asked to turn popular childhood car beds into a usable sculpture. Results ranged from fuzzy green monsters and skateboarding ramps to ball pits and a lady bed with a face, arms, spread legs and water-filled belly for lounging. The gallery’s fundraisers are always fun, with a sense of wild and whimsy, but Car Wash was especially on-brand and out of this world for Wave Pool. Wave Pool, 2940 Colerain Ave., Camp Washington,