Best Of 2018

Best Temporary Tower of Light: “Endless Commerce”

One of the most memorable installations at BLINK was comparably low-tech when looking at the other interactive light art and frenetic projection-mapping installations — although it was itself a marvel of construction. Joe Girandola and Matt Lynch created “Endless Commerce” by piling (and securing) milk crates into a 70-foot-high tower on a vacant space along the appropriately named Pleasant Street near Liberty Street in Over-the-Rhine. At night, 30-watt LED bulbs inside each crate illuminated the tower. With the artists, friends and visitors relaxing in the lot at night, the space felt like an intimate backyard get-together with the best party lights ever. The artists conceived the installation in tribute to Constantin Brancusi’s 1918 “Endless Column,” one of the 20th century’s most important public sculptures. They’d like to see theirs have a permanent home somewhere in Cincinnati — what a great public sculpture that would be. BLINK, blinkcincinnati.