Best Of 2018

Best Trippy "Alice in Wonderland" Moment: Intrude

Five giant inflatable white rabbits, one over 23 feet tall, invaded the grounds of Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park for about a week in a magical installation called Intrude. Nighttime was the right time to see them, as they glowed against the dark sky like creatures from another world. Artist Amanda Parer created the soft sculptures to call attention to the foreign species’ ecological impact in her native Australia, where the out-of-control animals were introduced centuries ago by European settlers. But, frankly, we just thought they were cute. Taking a page from Alice in Wonderland, some fans even went chasing rabbits all the way downtown to BLINK, where two of the bunnies resided next to an animated menagerie projected against artist Charley Harper’s “Homecoming (Blue Birds)” mural. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton-Cleves Road, Hamilton,