Best Of 2018

Best World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum: Cardboard Boat Museum

Cardboard and water are not the most perfect pair. Their union tends to end up creating a soggy, pulpy brownish mess. But the Cardboard Boat Museum in New Richmond, Ohio flies in the face of that logic. The city is home to the International Cardboard Boat Regatta and the 26th annual competition takes place in August 2018. Teams of one to 10 intrepid humans build boats out of cardboard and assorted other supplies and race down the Ohio River to win awards in categories like fastest boat, most creative design, peoples’ choice and the Titanic Award for the most dramatic sinking. The Cardboard Boat Museum chronicles the history of this unusual race through photos and displays. See replicas of a Delta Queen steamboat, a John Deere tractor, a Viking ship and other cardboard creations or take a class on building a vessel to orchestrate your own spectacular sinking. Cardboard Boat Museum, 102 Willow St., New Richmond, Ohio,