Best Of 2018

Best Worst Nightmare: USS Nightmare

Last year, the USS Nightmare — one of the Tristate’s scariest and possibly literally haunted attractions — cast its anchor on the banks of the Ohio River in Newport for its 25th season. Boasting a slew of ghastly bilge rats, guests walked the galleys of this ship to encounter vampires, zombies, clowns and more spine-chilling creatures in a voyage across the treacherous dredge. In honor of its 25 years on the water, the crew offered up a new, interactive $40 “RIP Experience” option for guests, where the ghostly gang would whisk you away on a quest to find the boat’s long-dead Captain Phillips and solve an ages-old mystery. To top off the spookiness, the crew could actually touch you… and they had very cold hands. USS Nightmare, 101 Riverboat Row, Newport,