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Best Protest Proving the Power of Cincinnati Women: Women's Marches

2018 Women's March
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Nick Swartsell
2018 Women's March

On Jan. 21, 2017, thousands of Cincinnatians joined marches across the country to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Those rallies brought out more than 3 million people, angry at policy proposals and comments Trump had made, including some caught on tape a decade ago where he casually discussed sexually assaulting women. It’s no surprise that women from diverse groups like Black Lives Matter, the Amos Project and Planned Parenthood were leading the way locally. History will likely remember the Women’s Marches nationally as a watershed moment, and the massive crowds marching through the streets of downtown assured that Cincinnati can be proud of its contribution. The march returned in January 2018 as women once again took to the streets across the nation to promote the theme, “Hear Our Vote.” Women’s March,