Best Of 2018

Best Radical and Community-Focused Collective Space: McMicken FreeSpace

McMicken FreeSpace is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit non-hierarchical social center located in the Mohawk-Brighton neighborhood of Cincinnati. The inclusive, comfy spot has been operating since 2015, offering regular programming that caters to those in need of a commercial-free sanctuary. Offerings include meetings for Art of Recovery/Alcoholics Anonymous, Cincinnati Allied Transgender Support and Womxn’s Wednesdays. Stephanie Phillips, building owner and volunteer for the collective space, says that the FreeSpace is sober by default. Volunteers have been involved with efforts like Countdown to Conviction Coalition to convict Ray Tensing for murder in the shooting death of Sam DuBose, and Our Library, Our Decision, which has tried to stop the sale of the Main Library’s North Building. McMicken FreeSpace, 527 W. McMicken Ave., West End,