Best Of 2018

Best Reason to Get Right with the Lord Before Entering Kentucky: Brent Spence Bridge

We all know by now that the Brent Spence Bridge needs a replacement. The span linking I-71 and I-75 between the Buckeye and Bluegrass states wasn’t designed to carry nearly as many cars as it does, and it’s 55 years old. Engineers say it’s structurally sound and isn’t about to fall into the river or anything, but that doesn’t necessarily comfort us when we’re sitting stationary in our cars with traffic snarled up on the bridge’s narrow lanes. But other snarl-ups of a political nature have hamstrung work on a new bridge, which will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.6 billion. Will the federal government provide some funds? Unclear. President Donald Trump didn’t mention the bridge when he visited Cincinnati in 2017 to talk infrastructure. Will tolls be part of the picture? A bevy of vocal opponents hope not. In the meantime, here we all are: suspended over the Ohio River at a standstill.