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Best Space-Inspired, Star-Speckled Trail: Space Walk

Best Space-Inspired, Star-Speckled Trail
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Hailey Bollinger

Carl Sagan, the Mr. Rogers of science, would be proud. Liz and Josiah Wolf spent 10 months creating Space Walk, “an immersive visual art installation designed to convey the true scale of our solar system,” which crawls along the Mill Creek Greenway trail in Northside. It’s a self-explanatory three-quarter-mile trail that takes on-lookers on a journey through our galaxy via replicas built to a 3.5 billion:1 scale, all lit by solar power. Encased in special holders, the planets radiate a soft, purple glow at night. Wolf wanted to give back to his neighborhood park, nestled in Northside, through education and exploration of one his favorite pastimes: learning about our galaxy. Grab a few pals and make it a lax night under the stars. Plus, The Littlefield is right down the road, a quaint walk to grab a drink. Space Walk,