Best Of 2018

Best Bowl Taking the Stress Out of Ordering: Whole Bowl

When native Cincinnatian Tali Ovadia opened a food cart in Portland, Ore. 15 years ago, she had a novel idea: streamline the menu and serve a single dish. Her titular Whole Bowl is brown rice, beans, black olives, Tillamook cheddar, avocado slices, salsa, sour cream and a lemon-garlic sauce. It’s simple, wholesome, delicious and comes in two sizes — big or bambino (smaller). And that’s the only choice you need to make. A year ago, Ovadia’s brother Micah opened the first Whole Bowl outside of Oregon on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton. It’s a walk-up window catering to Gaslight’s foot traffic and people who are sick and tired of having to build their own goddamn bowls. Give me less choices! The secret to the super, duper flavor rests with the bright and lemony Tali Sauce. You can find a slew of bloggers and Pinterest-ers trying to recreate the recipe, but you don’t have to make it at home: you just need to find a parking space on Ludlow. Whole Bowl, 364 Ludlow Ave., Clifton,