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Best Bread-Themed Instagram: Allez Bakery

Best Bread-Themed Instagram
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Hailey Bollinger

As if blessing your timeline with aesthetically pleasing photos of fresh bread wasn’t enough to warrant a follow, Allez Bakery’s Instagram account (@allezbakery) is peppered with well-chosen emojis, poetic odes to meatballs, half-baked wordplay and topical Muppet Show screencaps. Frequent scrollers might even catch the occasional outtake bake, posted under the #ShowUsYourFuckedLoaves hashtag. Allez’s feed is the perfect polygamous marriage of social media’s oldest standbys: food photos, dad jokes and pop cultural nostalgia. If that’s not enough to make you a repeat customer, then the chicken salad sandwich on ciabatta paired with a spicy-carrot pickle and Hen of the Woods chips will keep you coming back for more. Each order appropriately comes with the beverage world’s most Instagrammable vessel — a can of LaCroix water. Allez Bakery, 1208 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,