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Best Brunch Blintzes: CWC the Restaurant

Best Brunch Blintzes
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Hailey Bollinger

Weekend brunch at CWC the Restaurant features a slew of tasty creations — breakfast nachos with fried egg and homemade queso, Skyline-soaked flank steak with sharp cheddar grits and a Brussels sprout omelet — but their insanely delicious blintzes are a favorite. Blintzes are an old-world Eastern European Jewish dish — the ultimate comfort food — consisting of a thin crepe that’s folded around a sweet cheese filling, which is then sautéed and served with a cooked fruit sauce and sour cream. In the case of CWC, the blintzes are filled with sweetened ricotta and topped with blueberry sauce. Adding to the feeling of warmth is the very nature of CWC itself. Owned and operated by gregarious sisters Kelly Trush and Caitlin Steininger, you’ll feel at home and like part of the family in no time. If their hospitality doesn’t warm you up, try the Hot Black Russian: Tito’s vodka, Kahlua, La Terza coffee and homemade orange-chocolate marshmallows. CWC The Restaurant, 1517 Springfield Pike, Wyoming,