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Best Carrot Sandwich: The Wheel

Best Carrot Sandwich
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Hailey Bollinger

The Wheel is an Italian takeaway restaurant housed on a well-hidden residential block in Oakley. A spinning wheel hangs above the door; inside, concert posters adorn pale blue walls, joined by personal iconography curated by owner Chrissy Antenucci. The food provides evidence that cooking is an act of love and creativity for Antenucci, who named The Wheel after a Grateful Dead song. Though the ingredients seem simple in the rosemary roasted carrot sandwich, the first bite alone is enough to convert a Punk into a Deadhead. The carrots are tender and hearty. Within the dish, they are a vegetable transformed — the taste is more exploratory and creative than most other vegetarian sandwiches. Kale peeks through between bites of carrot and both are covered in the perfect amount of romesco sauce and garlic yogurt, the latter of which adds a surprisingly creamy touch. The bread, which Antenucci makes fresh daily, is thick — almost like foccacia — and cradles the ingredients within. Visually the sandwich is also a work of art: the colors are as bright and balanced as the flavor inside. The Wheel, 3805 Brotherton Road, Oakley,