Best Of 2018

Best Coffee Pop-Up: Felix Coffee

Adopting the moniker Felix Coffee, which channels the Latin phrase felix culpa, or “a happy fault,” couple Logan Peele and Jessica Ufkes started serving third wave craft coffee at their church in Loveland as a way to simplify the beverage. Last year, they branched out and started pop-ups and residencies around town, bringing their coffee and coffee wares to places like Idlewild women’s clothing boutique in OTR and The Frock event space in Covington. Using a Chemex, they slowly brew the coffee, which is roasted by Monroe-based Yield Coffee Roasters. The pop-up concept allows them to come directly to people and offices and test out the market for possibly opening a brick-and-mortar location in the future. Branding is an integral part of their image. Check out their Instagram page (@felixcoffeeco), which is filled with coffee porn. Felix understands that everybody should drink good coffee, and do it with some pizzazz. Felix Coffee Co.,