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Best Coney-Meets-3-Way Meal: Empress Chili

Best Coney-Meets-3-Way Meal
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Hailey Bollinger

The first splattering of Cincinnati chili can be traced back to two brothers: Tom and John Kiradjieff, immigrants from Argos, Orestiko, a town in the now-Northwestern region of Macedonia-Greece. One brother immigrated to Cincinnati and then brought the other over in 1921. A year later, they served the first bowl of Cincinnati chili as Empress Chili. In addition to the usual crop of double-decker sandwiches and ways, Empress offers some zany takes on old favorites: individual chili pizzas with cheesy, saucy fare on dough, and the tough-to-pronounce “spagoney,” a coney that swaps out a hot dog for noodles. The spagoney features a pillowy bun, filled with spaghetti and topped with Empress’ smooth chili and flossy golden cheese. It’s a bit of a novelty, especially in the combo of mustard and noodles, but a fun way to switch up your chili routine. Empress Chili, 3670 Werk Road, Bridgetown,