Best Of 2018

Best Eat-In Creamy Whip: Mt. Washington Creamy Whip

Most creamy whips conjure up summertime scenes of sweaty little leaguers and families standing in a patient line, waiting to be called to the window to place their order. Not so at the Mt. Washington Creamy Whip. Through it’s only been in the soft-serve business for 11 years, the creamy whip has served as a bakery for decades (family-owned since 1957), and the history shows. Its brick walls are festooned with retro Coney Island memorabilia, ’70s décor and other vintage items like 1950s ovens, library card catalogs and vinyl barstools. Grab blueberry soft serve topped with crunch coat, a peanut butter sundae or chocolate malt and dine inside. Though they’re only open seasonally, the owners’ son runs Old Milford Parlor, a more contemporary and year-round take on a classic creamy whip with soft serve, sundaes, affogatos and a topping list that runs the gamut between rainbow sprinkles, Raisin Bran and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Keep an eye out for their upcoming Pendleton-based ice cream parlor. Mt. Washington Creamy Whip & Bakery, 2069 Beechmont Ave., Mount Washington,; Old Milford Parlor, 119 Main St., Milford,