Best Of 2018

Best Girlboss Barbecue: Sweets & Meats

There are a lot of secret ingredients that go into good barbecue, but Sweets & Meats founder Kristen Bailey’s are pretty simple: a fold-up table borrowed from a neighboring ice cream stand, a smoker and a tent in a parking lot and a lot of hard work. Sprinkle on some help from business accelerator MORTAR and a new brick-and-mortar location in Mt. Washington, and now you’re cooking. Bailey’s ascendancy in the often male-dominated world of barbecue is no surprise: Sweets & Meats hits all the barbecue fundamentals with ribs, brisket, pulled pork and the fan-favorite pulled chicken sandwich. The store and food truck also sometimes offer more unique fare, including smoked meatloaf and a strawberry crunch cake that makes the trip to Cincinnati’s eastern-most neighborhood worth it all by itself. Sweets & Meats, 2249 Beechmont Ave., Mt. Washington,