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Best Lobster Rolls, Duh: Court Street Lobster Bar

Best Lobster Rolls, Duh
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Hailey Bollinger

At Court Street Lobster Bar, there is nary a bright-red shell in sight. Instead, there are several ways to enjoy tender, buttery lobster meat — in a creamy bisque or as an ingredient in poutine; as part of the decadent lobster mac and cheese; or in one of two styles of lobster rolls. The prices may not be as affordable as those along the north Atlantic coast, but for Cincinnati: this is lobstah heaven. The Lobster Bar menu lists two styles of roll: “Maine Style” and “Connecticut Style.” So what’s the difference? The Maine roll is a chilled lobster salad with mayonnaise, while the Connecticut roll has warm lobster meat drizzled with hot butter and pea tendrils on the best-damned buttered Sixteen Bricks challah roll you’ve ever tasted. If you want to forgo the roll, opt for a Lobster Pop. This fun finger food features buttermilk-poached, deep-fried lobster tails, served in a basket with a side of lemon aioli. Court Street Lobster Bar, 28 W. Court St., Downtown,