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Best Matcha Beer Drinks: AmerAsia; Braxton Labs

Best Matcha Beer Drinks
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Hailey Bollinger

In 2017, matcha — the fine green-tea powder — hit a fever pitch when it appeared in everything from lattes to cookies and even beer. Covington’s AmerAsia offers a drink in which matcha is hand mixed into a lager or pilsner and then served in a pint glass. Greenish beer foam floats to the top, adding a carbonated iteration to green tea. They got the idea for the green-hued beer from Japan, where it is a specialty. The concoction tastes slightly bitter — much like matcha itself — but it also makes for a great Saint Patrick’s Day beer replacement (no more watered-down green Bud Light). Just a neighborhood away in Bellevue, Braxton Labs introduced a Matcha Blonde ale brewed with matcha tea. The beer is more of a golden color, but like AmerAsia’s, it also has a bitterness to it. AmerAsia, 521 Madison Ave., Covington,; Braxton Labs, 95 Riviera Drive, Bellevue,