Best Of 2018

Best Maximum Meat Sweats: Bard’s Burgers

Do you like your dinner with a side of competition? Want to test the limit of your beef consumption? Bard’s Burgers’ Bardzilla Challenge is back and bigger than ever. When Bard’s Burgers reopened after a two-year closure in October 2015, owner Jordan Stephenson resurrected the previous iteration’s Bardzilla, but with a twist: Instead of 10 patties, you now have to eat 11, plus a pound of fries and a 16-ounce shake in less than an hour to champion this endeavor. Each weighing a third of a pound, the burgers come topped with extra cheese, lettuce and pickles. Featured on the Food Network’s Ginormous Foods, more than 100 people have attempted to tackle the Bardzilla, but only a handful have been successful. Think you can do it? Think you want to? Bard’s Burgers & Chili, 3620 Decoursey Ave., Covington,