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Best Much-Anticipated Mexican Destination: Casa Figueroa

Best Much-Anticipated Mexican Destination
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Hailey Bollinger

Almost two years ago, there were rumors that an important addition to the foodie world was coming to an out-of-the-way corner of the metro area. A Mexican/Latin restaurant with an ambitious chef and design-conscious owner would open in Pleasant Ridge, probably by the end of last summer. As it happened, though, the chef went elsewhere and Casa Figueroa took almost another year to open its doors. But the end result is worth the wait. The food offers more than tacos — although those are delicious — and drinks that range from low-alcohol refreshment to complex, boozy spirits. (The mezcal old fashioned made with mole bitters is the stuff that dreams are made of.) All this in colorful, comfortable, varied surroundings both indoors and out. If you can resist the tacos, try the scrumptious sea scallops entrée. General manager Zach Zuke told us that owner Heather Byer was willing to put in time so that the restaurant was exactly what she wanted it to be.“We wanted to be a destination,” he said. Mission accomplished. It seems evident that folks from around the metro area will find their way down Montgomery Road to spend a fun, appetite-satisfying evening. Casa Figueroa, 6112 Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge,