Best Of 2018

Best Neon Steak Dive: Cincy Steak & Lemonade

There’s nothing more beautiful than the neon lights of Cincy Steak & Lemonade illuminating the sidewalk on Short Vine. It’s a Styrofoam-container-in-a-to-go-bag sort of deal, but you can get tasty classics like hamburgers, chicken wings, Philly cheesesteaks or gyros with a side of fries for an unbelievably cheap price. The best part? Their frozen lemonade drinks, which are topped with an orange slice and a cherry. You can even add fruit flavors like strawberry, orange and grape for personalized sipping. Cincy Steak & Lemonade, 2607 Vine St., Corryville, 513-221-0800 and searchable on Facebook.