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Best Pint-Sized Pie Party: Teeny Pies

Best Pint-Sized Pie Party
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Hailey Bollinger

It’s a fact backed by years of scientific research: Miniature food is irresistibly adorable. And so are the sweets at Teeny Pies. The moniker for this pastry haven is taken from owner Teeny Morris, who traversed the U.S. to learn about female-owned bakeries (she even wrote a book about it: Teeny’s Tour of Pies) and in 2017 brought from-scratch small-scale (and full-size) pies made of in-season ingredients to the Queen City. Her cute crustables play with flavor and design — specialty pre-orders can even incorporate a range of whimsical crust designs, such as a cutout of Hillary Clinton’s face or the Cincinnati skyline. Both 4-inch mini and 9-inch pies are available at Morris’ weekly Findlay Market and Northside Farmers Market stands (though pre-ordering online is encouraged for the latter), as well as at her kitchen in Covington, which she shares with Lil’s Bagels. Starting at just $6, the little pies pack a punch. While flavors change somewhat seasonally, her bourbon pecan pie — perfectly proportioned and nutty in a whole wheat crust — is a constant favorite, as is her apple crumb, with diced sweet and tart apples topped with a crumbly mixture of sugar and spices. Teeny Pies, 308 Greenup St., Covington,