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Best Place for Felines and Fraps: Kitty Brew Café

Best Place for Felines and Fraps
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Kellie Coleman

This year marks the 20th anniversary for a niche industry to delight the cat person and coffee snob in all of us: the cat café. It all started in Taipei, Taiwan at the Cat Flower Garden, where the concept of snuggling kitties while sipping on a cappuccino first came to fruition. Fortunately for the die-hard cat person, there’s such a venue right in Cincinnati’s own backyard — Kitty Brew Café in Mason, Ohio. As for the experience, it’s pretty self-explanatory: It’s a coffee shop with free-range felines vying for your love and affection — or, in some cases, straight-up ignoring you in typical cat demeanor. Grab a cat-themed drink like the Tuxedo, a blended coffee frap with cookies and cream, then slip inside the Cat Lounge next door, where you’ll be greeted by up to 30 eager animals. (It’s best to make a reservation in advance to view the kitties.) They have free rein of the space so feel free to roam around their dwelling to find the most playful kitty. Luckily, a staple of cat cafés is the ability to adopt. If you find a cat you want to keep, you can apply to adopt the animal right there through Animal Friends Humane Society. Since opening its doors in April 2017, Kitty Brew has found homes for 454 cats and counting — which tallies to roughly 1.6 cats per day. Kitty Brew Café, 6011 Tylersville Road, Mason,