Best Of 2018

Best Place to Go When You Need to Get Sconed: Brown Bear Bakery

Let’s be honest. Scones can be hard for bakers to get right — the dense little dough triangles can be too dry sometimes, too crumbly others. Luckily, Brown Bear Bakery has studied some scone science, or maybe magic, and comes up with winners every time. Their turmeric and ginger scone — with delicious, crystalline ginger chunks and just the right amount of sweetness — is amazing. Brown Bear baker Blair Fornshell even ventures into that most dangerous of territory — the savory scone zone — and nails it with offerings like her cheddar, pepper and chive scone. Brown Bear offers up a variety of desserts and baked goods, all made-from-scratch from locally sourced ingredients. If you’re not in a scone mood, try their cinnamon rolls, which are cloud-fluffy and wear a crown of citrus zest icing. Brown Bear Bakery, 116 E. 13th St., Over-the-Rhine,