Best Of 2018

Best Winterfest Nostalgia Drink: Blue Hot Chocolate

After a 12-year hiatus, Kings Island WinterFest returned in November, even bigger and better than before. Over five million lights twinkled throughout the park, including on the 314-foot Eiffel Tower. In various cafés, like Blitzen’s Hot Beverage Bar, a curious blue hot chocolate drink was offered. The blue-hued drink was an homage to the park’s famous blueberry soft serve ice cream, which complemented the long-gone Smurf ride, The Enchanted Voyage. According to Kings Island, the park sells hundreds of blue soft serves a day during the regular season, so it made sense to transform it into a wintertime delight. The non-alcoholic blue hot chocolate used white chocolate instead of dark — it tasted like warm Fruity Pebbles — and came topped with a fluff of whip cream and nostalgia. Kings Island hasn’t announced if WinterFest will return in 2018, but at least there’s blue ice cream to look forward to when the park reopens in April. Kings Island, 6300 Kings Island Drive, Mason,