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Best Place to Sing 'Brass in Pocket' in a Pink Wig
Hailey Bollinger
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Hailey Bollinger

The karaoke scene in Sofia Coppola’s wandering indie romcom Lost in Translation is a titillating examination of the chemistry between actors Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray and also the awesome karaoke culture of Japan. One local bar has harnessed that magic: Tokyo Kitty, the most recent hotly anticipated film-meets-fun bar from the team behind Gorilla Cinema, which also owns the Tarantino-themed Video Archive in Walnut Hills and The Shining-inspired Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge. The neon-lit and uber kawaii Japanese karaoke bar plays off of Lost in Translation by offering seven themed private rental rooms — with high-tech in-room robot drink delivery via Bbot — a karaoke mainstage, a dance floor and Tiki-style cocktails. Private karaoke rooms go for between $20 and $50 an hour and singers can choose from around 500 popular party hits. It’s a futuristic fantasy land full of “happy fun song time” and shelves of pink wigs. Tokyo Kitty, 575 Race St., Downtown,

Music & Nightlife
Illustration: David Wilson

2. Northside Yacht Club

3. The Video Archive

2. MOTR Pub

3. Queen City Exchange

2. Overlook Lodge

3. Dutch’s

2. Back Porch Saloon

3. Fox & Hound

2. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

3. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

2. Knotty Pine Rock Club & Tiki Bar

3. The Crow’s Nest

2. Bogart’s

3. Southgate House Revival

2. Madison Theater

3. Woodward Theater

2. Arnold’s Bar and Grill

3. Below Zero Lounge