Best Of 2018

Best Radio Show Record Collection: Trash Flow Radio

Tuning in to WAIF (88.3 FM; on Saturdays between 3-5 p.m. feels like a trip back in time. Trash Flow Radio, the current project of broadcasting veteran and Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law professor Ken Katkin, is the product of its host’s 35 years of DJ experience. Katkin began spinning tracks on the air while attending Princeton in the early ’80s, inspired by the era’s explosion of fuzzed-out Punk Rock. Today, he still brings his crates of vinyl to the studio, fusing Indie Rock classics with fresh faces in his weekly setlists. Katkin’s collection covers a wide range of geographical and temporal ground, ranging from retro Post Punk innovators like Cabaret Voltaire and Beat Happening to local upstarts like Swim Team and Mardou. Trash Flow Radio,