Best Of 2018

Best Block for Music Makers: MetaModern Music; DHR Guitar Experience

The resurgence and mainstream popularity of vinyl records has led to an influx of independent record stores in Cincinnati, including MetaModern Music, one of the latest additions to the city’s growing vinyl scene. It offers new and used records from all genres and for all levels of collectors, plus bootleg cassettes, slip mats, T-shirts, incense and plenty of Grateful Dead merch. If you’re interested in making your own music, just down the block DHR Guitar Experience sells high-end American-made equipment: vintage guitars for both lefties and right-handed players, archtop and flattop solid body guitars, amps and more. MetaModern Music, 2942 Markbreit Ave., Oakley,; DHR Guitar Experience, 3092 Madison Road, Oakley,