Best Of 2018

Best Chance of Unlocking Childhood Memories: Ida Candles

Wander around Findlay Market long enough and you’ll probably wind up in Karen and Bill Buss’ storefront, Ida Candles. Filled with scents that take you back to Grandma’s breakfasts and Saturday morning chores, they also carry handmade soaps and graphic-print aprons and totes. The couple started experimenting with candle making near the end of their stint living in northern California, but eventually brought the smells of banana nut bread, fresh linen and jasmine orchid back to Northern Kentucky. Psychologists believe smell is more closely linked with memory than sight, taste, touch or sound, which makes it extra nifty that the Buss’ candles (user-tested) burn strong from first hour to last. Sigh, the joy of holding on. Ida Candles, 124 W. Elder, Over-the-Rhine,