Best Of 2018

Best Community Classroom: Sweet Sistah Splash

Founded by Nzingha Byrd and Daphney Thomas in 2012, Sweet Sistah Splash in Over-the-Rhine is a multicultural boutique that doubles as a community program space where, on any given day, there may be a Kemetic yoga session, a couple’s date night, an entrepreneurship course, a class about going vegetarian or a children’s reading circle. With a female-centric focus on independence, health, beauty and spiritualism, it’s a place to learn and connect — with the community and with yourself. The holistic and celebratory approach is also harnessed through ongoing workshops, like the Sacred Woman Sister Circle Support Group, a 10-week wellness program, or Unleash Your Power - Soul Sistah Boot Camp, a four-week mini retreat that gives participants “heart-centered, spirit-led, high-level coaching” to live a life full of health, healing and happiness. It’s all about deepening your experience as you make your way through this thing called life. Sweet Sistah Splash, 1218 Sycamore St., Over-the-Rhine,