Best Of 2018

Best Human-Approved Shake-and-Bake Dog Treats: Whisk & Wag

These days people tend to feed their pets better than themselves — a trend that has expanded into high-end dog treats. Human-grade beef jerky! Iced cookies! Freeze-dried fish! Pupcakes! Whisk & Wag is a local, family-owned company that combines humans’ need to nurture with their obsession with buying fancy treats by offering dog bone baking mixes — think Bisquick but for pups — that come in flavors like cheddar and herb, honey and oats and apple and cinnamon. Just add water, oil and bake. You feel like you made homemade biscuits (because you did) and your dog feels like you’re sneaking them table scraps. While these are not actually for human consumption, we baked the cheddar and herb mix (very easy) and made our interns try them. Their report: two thumbs up. Our favorite review? “It tastes like Italy — what I imagine Italy tastes like.” Whisk & Wag: the treat mix for pups with a sophisticated palate. Whisk & Wag,