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Best Most Eclectic Record Collection: Torn Light Records

Best Most Eclectic Record Collection
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Mesa Serikali

Though crammed into a snug space, Torn Light Records’ offering of oddities spans an impressively diverse range of tastes and formats. You’re best heading into the store without a specific purchase in mind — perusing shelves stocked with obscure cassette tapes and shoeboxes of ’90s Emo records is enough to pique any music nerd’s curiosity. Whether you find a Black Metal demo with an impossible-to-read title, an old LP dedicated to recordings of heartbeats, an angsty teenager’s homemade poetry chapbook or an HP Lovecraft paperback, you’ll always leave Torn Light with something unexpected. Make sure to check out the shop’s back room, which boasts a ’zine library and a smattering of risqué B movies on VHS. Torn Light Records, 406 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue,