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Best Office Chair Oasis
Hailey Bollinger
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Hailey Bollinger

Over the past 70 years, Algin Office has transitioned from a typewriter, gun and resale shop to a seven-floor warehouse that sells used office and residential furniture. The street-level first floor has a display of new and contemporary desks and seating for sale, but if you dare to explore the upper floors, that’s when things take an exciting turn. Maintaining its bare-bones industrial appeal, the wide-open warehouse has floors dedicated to chairs, desks and other supplies, including a filing cabinet fantasy land in the basement. Law firms, Hamilton County Courts and other businesses have sourced from the well-priced inventory, but if you’re looking for a special industrial-vintage flair for your own home office, it’s a perfect place to dig. Things aren’t displayed like at a typical store, so it’s best to wander and peek into every corner to see what treasure you can uncover. There are desks and chairs in styles that range from Danish Modern to ’80s executive and fake architecture firm to suburban1970s high school. There are old metal card catalogs, horizontal filing cabinets to store art and posters and a randomly placed Urban Timber workshop on the third or fourth floor that creates custom and live-edge wood tables and countertops. Algin Retro Furniture next door is an extension of the shop with vintage- and Midcentury-inspired new home furnishings. Algin Office, 800 Main St., Downtown,

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