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Best Place to Get Your Nerd On
Hailey Bollinger
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Hailey Bollinger

If you’re like us, there’s nothing quite as intoxicating as the smell of old books — especially when those books are about our favorite city in the world. Downtown’s five-floor Ohio Book Store is a great place to peruse old city planning documents or publications about Cincinnati’s original streetcars. While its selection of historic local books is second-to-none, the store’s charms don’t stop there. Take a trip up to the top floor of the Main Street building and scope out the truly enormous wall of National Geographic magazines, or go down into the basement and browse sci-fi novels and obscure books about industry. As you leave, shed a tear for another piece of Cincinnati history — the now-demolished Dennison Hotel used to sit right next door. Ohio Book Store, 726 Main St., Downtown,

Shops & Services
Illustration: David Wilson

2. Alliance Integrative Medicine

3. Carole Paine

2. Wooden Nickel Antiques

3. Florence Antique Mall

2. Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center

3. Silk Road Textiles

2. Jeff Wyler Honda

3. Kings Toyota

2. CarMax

3. Jeff Wyler Honda

2. AAA | Bob Sumerel Tire & Service

3. Donovan’s Auto & Tire Center

2. Johnny’s Car Wash

3. AAA Auto Wash

2. PNC Bank

3. U.S. Bank